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Top 4 FAQs About Insurance Coverage for a Teen Driver January 6, 2017

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Top 4 FAQs About Insurance Coverage for a Teen Driver, Asheboro, North Carolina

Insuring a teenage driver can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do you want to make sure they are properly protected with the best insurance coverage, but you also need the payments to be as affordable as possible. The professionals at Randolph County Farm Bureau are committed to helping Asheboro, NC, residents make the right insurance investment. When it comes to purchasing car insurance for younger drivers, they understand that there will likely be many questions before a decision is made, and they are prepared to provide the answers.

Common Insurance Coverage FAQs

Should I Place My Teenager On A Separate Policy?

Everyone’s situation is different and will have unique factors that contribute to the insurance quotes you receive. However, the majority of the time it is cheaper for parents to add their teenagers to their existing insurance coverage rather than get them their own. It’s still a good idea to see what the rates would be for both, however, so you know all your options.

Is My Teen Eligible For Any Discounts? 

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Many insurance carriers offer discounts to lower premiums that teen drivers can qualify for. A good student discount usually requires that they are in school full-time and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. There may also be discounts for attending a driver training course, keeping a clean driving record, and driving a car with additional safety features.

Do I Need Additional Coverage For My Teen Driver?

The state’s minimum liability laws apply to teen drivers just like anyone else. This means they are only legally required to carry the minimum insurance coverage, but you may want to consider other coverage for increased protection, such as roadside assistance, comprehensive, and collision.

Does My Teen Have To Be Insured On Every Car In The Household?

Typically, insurance companies will either have the teenager designated as the primary driver of one car in the household or cover them to drive each one. Check to see what the policy is on this for different providers, and consider excluding your teen if you have a particularly expensive vehicle you don’t want them to be rated on.

The best way to make certain you get your teenage driver adequate insurance coverage is to ask your agent all the questions you have and become as informed as possible. Contact Randolph County Farm Bureau in North Carolina at (336) 629-9187.

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