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Alaska Kids’ Dentist Shares 3 Fun Dental Apps for Children January 5, 2017

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Alaska Kids’ Dentist Shares 3 Fun Dental Apps for Children, Anchorage, Alaska

Making dental hygiene fun for kids will encourage them to focus on their oral health, paving the way for a lifetime of healthy checkups. In facts, kids’ dentists are turning to a new breed of smartphone apps to educate children on proper care of their teeth and gums.

Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage knows just how tricky it can be to get kids excited about brushing, flossing, and other basic oral health steps. Here, these respected kids’ dentists share three of their favorite dental apps to inspire a love for brushing in your little one:

  • kids' dentistDentist Office Kids: This interactive app familiarizes little ones with the tools and procedures they’ll run into at the dentist’s office. Designed to make their time in the dentist’s chair less intimidating, the app permits kids to select a “patient” and lead them through a variety of procedures—from cleaning to tooth extraction.
  • Brush DJ: An effective round of teeth brushing requires at least two minutes of solid contact. The Brush DJ app grants your kids the incentive to fulfill this time commitment, playing tunes selected from their phone’s music library for a full 120 seconds. The app also allows you to set reminders for replacing toothbrushes and scheduling dental appointments.
  • Chomper Chums: This app encourages conscientious dental hygiene practices with child-friendly characters: an alligator, a horse, and a lion. Kids can use Chomper Chums to practice brushing, flossing, and rinsing. The app tracks their dental hygiene behaviors and awards points for work well done. Each oral hygiene practice is timed and explained in ways young minds can grasp.

For more tips on how to get your child excited about a healthy smile, turn to a trusted kids’ dentist for help. If you’re in the Anchorage area, Alaska Dentistry for Kids is dedicated to supporting parents who want to instill responsible brushing and flossing habits in their children. In addition, their bilingual staff is happy to cater to Spanish-speaking patients. Call (907) 274-2525 to set up an appointment, or visit the website to learn more.

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