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Top 5 Signs That Roof Repair Is Needed January 4, 2017

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Top 5 Signs That Roof Repair Is Needed, Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Roof repair can creep up on you pretty easily, especially if you haven't been paying attention to any of the most common signs. Catching these issues in their early stages won't just save you money on those repairs, it might also keep you from having to call in a contractor for a complete roof replacement. The trick is knowing what to look out for and having a reliable roofing company on your side to handle problems of all sizes.

Keeping track of the problems themselves isn't as difficult as it may seem. Here's a quick guide to help you stay ahead of a much more serious situation:

Top 5 Signs You Need Roof Repair

1. Higher Monthly Bills

Have your monthly heating or cooling bills been creeping up unexpectedly? That's a clear non-visual indicator that you need roof repair. In the winter, a damaged roof may let cold air leak into your home, making your heater work harder than necessary and sending those bills straight through the proverbial roof.  

Roof Repair2. Gutters That Don't Drain Properly

Gutters also play a major role in roof integrity, which is why it's so important to properly maintain them. If yours are overflowing with leaves and other debris, the water that isn't draining will pool up and weigh the entire structure down. If this gets bad enough your gutters will pull away and lead to more costly damages. 

3. Damaged Shingles & Missing Nails

Shingles are an excellent way to assess the overall health of your roof. If they appear damaged—or if any have been pulled away due to age, weather, or other circumstances—then the roof will be left exposed to the elements. The same goes for nails, so look out for any that are loose or exposed along your roof. 

4. Strained & Sagging Roof

If you notice dips in any portion of your roofing structure, you're definitely dealing with the dilemma of excessive weight. The cause could be anything from continual moisture to roofing materials that have been layered atop one another too many times. If your roof is sagging enough, your repair may soon become a full roof replacement. 

5. Water Damage Inside The Home

If a roof repair issue has been lingering, or if it's substantial enough to expose the interior, you may notice water damage inside your home. Be on the lookout for water stains, sagging ceilings, or leaks that occur whenever it rains. 

The best way to handle roof repair is to remain vigilant at all times. Investigate even the most seemingly insignificant of signs and you'll enjoy modest repair bills and a much more comfortable home. 

For the most reliable roof repairs and more, Okmulgee, OK, area residents choose Able Roofing & Construction. Visit them online for more information on their services, and call them at (918) 304-9394 to discuss your roofing needs today.

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