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Avoid Public Pools: Invest in a Hot Tub This Cold & Flu Season January 5, 2017

Denver, Denver, CO
Avoid Public Pools: Invest in a Hot Tub This Cold & Flu Season, Denver, Colorado

Between the frigid weather lowering your immune system and the increased exposure to bacteria from huddling indoors with others to avoid the cold, winter is a prime season to get sick. It seems as if each year, the strains of the flu get worse, making it challenging to stay healthy. If you are in the habit of visiting public pools and saunas year-round, the team at Hot Tub Outlet in Littleton, CO, wants you to consider trading in your public pool and spa habit this cold and flu season for a private hot tub or sauna in your home.

Many people enjoy combating the winter blues by swimming in heated pools and lounging in spas and saunas. However, if the spa or public pool you are visiting is frequented by other guests, you are more than likely spending your leisure time in a breeding ground for bacteria.

Between the enclosed area, a large number of people visiting the location, and the warm water, the perfect environment is created for bacteria and viruses to thrive. To make matters worse, oftentimes, people who are sick visit spas and saunas to get relief from congestion and stuffiness. 

If you decide to forego public swimming and spa time by investing in a hot tub for your backyard or deck, you will avoid many of the illnesses that go around during the winter.  If you find yourself feeling under the weather, spending time in your hot tub or sauna can help you control your congestion without exposing you to additional germs and bacteria. You can also enjoy all of the comfort and relaxation of the spa experience, just a few steps from your own home.

Hot Tub Outlet features a number of affordable hot tub options and saunas for your home. To request a price quote or for installation, visit the website or call (720) 296-2518.

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