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5 Important Steps to Take for Instrument Rentals January 17, 2017

Tulsa, Tulsa County
5 Important Steps to Take for Instrument Rentals, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Are you planning on learning to play the violin or guitar? Musical instruments can be quite expensive, which is why most people consider renting first. If you’re looking for instrument rentals in Oklahoma, you can drop by Tulsa Band Instruments. They offer a wide range of musical instruments both for beginners and professional musicians. You can choose from their high-quality selection of brass, woodwinds, and stringed instruments.

5 Steps You Need to Take For Instrument Rentals

1. Find A Music Store Near You

Not all music stores offer instrument rentals, so contact them by phone first and verify if they do. Ask for the pricing and whether the instrument includes an insurance or maintenance plan.

2. Choose The Right Brand

Beginners may not be familiar with the different brands and their advantages. If the instrument will be used by a student, choose a good educator-approved brand. Read reviews online and ask for recommendations from friends who are familiar with music.  

3. Ask For The Requirements

instrument-rentalOnce you’ve decided to rent an instrument, ask the shop about the requirements you need to bring. They will usually ask for a driver’s license and a credit card. Some stores might also request a credit report and proof of residence documents.

4. Complete Your Rental

Bring along the requirements and go over to the music store to complete your rental. The process can take around 20 minutes to an hour; the peak instrument rental season runs from August to mid-September.

5. Instrument Care & Maintenance

Wash and dry your hands before playing. For wind or brass instruments, make it a habit to clean your mouth and lips, too. Always wipe fingerprints and residue off the instrument after every use. Keep it in its case when it’s not in use and avoid putting anything on top of the case.

Tulsa Band Instruments is your one-stop shop for instrument repairs, rentals, and sales. Call them at (918) 663-3210 for more information. You may also visit their website to see their featured products available at discounted prices.

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