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How to Choose the Right Type of Fence for Your Needs January 10, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
How to Choose the Right Type of Fence for Your Needs, Kalispell, Montana

Whether you’re installing a brand new fence or looking to replace an old one, it’s important to understand your needs before you make the selection. Boundary Line Fence has some pointers for Somers, MT, locals to follow when choosing their fencing.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is your individual situation. The fence you’re looking for will depend on whether you’re enclosing a house, a garden, or a farm. This will help answer questions like how tall you need the fence to be, what sorts of damage it might be vulnerable to, and the kind of upkeep that it’s likely to need. How many gates are required? Are you trying to keep horses in or deer out? Are you close enough to your neighbors that you want to consider privacy fencing? These are all questions that will determine your fence’s location.

FenceA factor that probably comes to mind right away when deciding on a fence is the material, and rightfully so. While one person may appreciate the classic “picket” look of a wooden fence, another may need the ruggedness and modern look of metal. Both aesthetics and durability come into play here, but keep in mind that the same material can be used in very different ways. An ornamental iron fence is going to look and behave very differently from a simple chain link fence, and generally these are used in different circumstances.

Cost is also an important consideration. Once you compare your total budget to the length of fencing you need to install, you’ll be better prepared to assess what you can afford. A fencing contractor can help you decide what will work best for you within your means.

Boundary Line Fence has been sharing their expertise with residents of the Kalispell area and the Greater Flathead Valley since 2006. Call (406) 309-5010 to ask about your project and get a free estimate, or learn more about the fencing options they offer on their website. Boundary Line Fence can also be found on Facebook.

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