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Create Your Own Puppet Show This Winter Break January 4, 2017

Manhattan, New York City, NY
Create Your Own Puppet Show This Winter Break, Manhattan, New York

If you’re seeking a creative activity for the little ones this winter break, why not try something entirely new? Creating your own puppet show is fun, easy, affordable, and an activity that the kids can take a huge role in themselves.

Brooklyn-based Penny and the Puppettes are masters of the puppet show, creating interactive, customized entertainment for children of all ages. From musical performances to private birthday parties, this musical theater troupe uses puppets to engage with children, create a fun, friendly atmosphere, and teach them valuable skills in the process.

If you want to create your own puppet show, these experts show you how in just three simple steps. First, use a medium-sized box for the theater itself, and cut it into any shape you please. That could be a castle, a circus, or any other child-friendly theme. Make sure that the cutout leaves plenty of room for the puppets, of course!

puppet showNext, it’s time to cover the box— you’ll have a variety of options for this. Remember that this is the material you will be decorating over, so a simple color and material work best. Try using paper, felt, or adhesive to create a more realistic, less “boxy” appearance by carefully pressing the material against the surface, covering the entire area. Smooth the surface as you go to avoid any bubbles and keep the edges straight, ensuring that all of them are covered. Repeat the process with the inside of the stage, using a contrasting color.

Finally, decorating your little theater is the most fun part of the project. Get the kids involved to see what colors and styles they enjoy most. Decorating supplies are cheap and easy for anyone to use. Colored electrical tape makes great stripes for example, and foam shapes create a wide range of options. Create a castle, flags, a little moat, or even a drawbridge using simple materials like string, toothpicks, cotton balls, foam, and more. Once you’re done decorating, it’s time to set the stage and let the entertainment begin!

Creating a one-of-a-kind puppet show this winter break is an entertaining way to interact and have fun with your children. Best of all, it’s a project that you can enjoy together for years to come. For more on the engaging entertainment that puppet shows provide, reach out to Penny and the Puppettes. These experienced puppeteers want to ensure that every child is learning, interacting, and having a great time. Visit them online or on Facebook to learn more about their shows and view photos, or call (917) 474-9364 today.

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