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New York’s Leading Men’s Spa Shares 3 Must-Know Grooming Tips for Your 30s January 3, 2017

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
New York’s Leading Men’s Spa Shares 3 Must-Know Grooming Tips for Your 30s, Manhattan, New York

As we age, so do our grooming needs. Taking care of your appearance is important during your 30s, as this time frame is critical for most men’s professional growth, dating lives, and more. No one understands grooming needs better than the team from New York’s leading men’s spa. As the premier place to go for facials, waxing, and other grooming treatments, New Paradise Men’s Spa in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood are experts in helping you look your very best.

To help make sure you’re on track with your grooming routine into your 30s, the team from New Paradise Men’s Spa has collected some useful care tips below:

  • Take Care Of That Hair: As you make your way through your 30s, you may begin to notice your hair thinning and graying. Aside from dyeing it or using invasive procedures to reverse the process, there’s little you can do to fight what happens naturally with age. You can, however, make the most of the hair you’ve still got. Ask a stylist to recommend any products that will create the appearance of fullness, and get an age-appropriate cut that’s flattering for your changing hairline.
  • men's spa ManhattanProtect Your Face: Sure, wrinkles and fine lines may make you appear “distinguished,” but protecting your skin now will help you look your very best well into your golden years. You can use collagen-boosting and age-fighting moisturizers and eye creams and consider booking a men’s facial to help keep aging at bay. And don’t forget: wear SPF year-round to keep your skin healthy!
  • Check For Rogue Hairs: You probably thought it would never happen to you, but now is the time when hairs can begin popping out in unwanted places, like nostrils and ears. You may also find that your eyebrows can become a bit more unruly, too. Make sure you’re plucking any unwanted hairs, and, to keep your eyebrows clean and shaped, book a waxing appointment at the men’s spa.

Allow New Paradise Men’s Spa to handle all of your grooming needs through your 30s and beyond. Book your next treatment by calling (646) 559-1621, or learn more about available services by visiting the men’s spa online.

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