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4 Test-Taking Tips for the SAT Math Sections January 11, 2017

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4 Test-Taking Tips for the SAT Math Sections, Alpharetta, Georgia

Tutoring can prepare your child for standardized testing by providing comprehensive strategies for improvement, regardless of if they’re taking the SAT or ACT. SAT prep goes beyond the well-known, overarching test-taking approaches, such as using a process of elimination to find the right answer to a question. Tutoring also helps students learn section-specific techniques and tips. This kind of academic preparation gives them the tools they need to compensate in sections where they aren’t as strong, as well as further capitalize on their more powerful areas.

The expert tutors at Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep provide students in Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming, Duluth, Norcross, Suwanee, and Alpharetta, GA, with ACT and SAT prep that will boost their test scores. These academic tutoring professionals work tirelessly to shape every child into diligent, methodical test-takers.

Students often ask for tips on the SAT math section, which changed significantly with the 2016 redesign. Here, these educators share what you can do to ace the test.

Tips For Taking The SAT Math Sections

1. Write Everything Down

To stay sharp–particularly on a timed test–keep your pencil moving. Although you don’t need to show your work, as you would on an academic test, writing everything down will help you to avoid mathematical traps and arrive at a solution faster. Transcribe formulas and draw pictures, especially when you’re working to solve graphing and geometry problems.

SAT2. Don’t Rely On Your Calculator

Although you have the option to use your calculator in one section, you don’t always need it! If you can confidently solve a question without the assistance of your calculator, you should do so. This approach will help you avoid spending too much energy plugging in simple equations, and will give you extra time to work out problems that need a few extra minutes.

3. Read The Questions Carefully

Math problems on the SAT can sometimes be presented like questions in the reading section, stretching the definition of word problems. To tackle these questions, underline, circle, and even rewrite important information. Solve longer text problems step by step, sentence by sentence, to ensure full understanding of the question at hand.

4. Use Common Sense 

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in applying formulas and solving equations, you forget to use common sense. If your answer choices contain an obviously wrong option–for example, a decimal when the question calls for a whole number–cross it out. 

Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep offers engaging tutors with advanced degrees to help your child train for tests. They even administer a SAT vs. ACT evaluation to determine which test is the best fit for your child. Their tutoring is offered as a pay-as-you-go solution, which means you don’t need to sign a contract. To see how your child’s score can improve, contact Peach State Tutoring & Test Prep today by calling (678) 824-6890, or visiting them online.

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