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5 Amazing Benefits of Real Hair Wigs for Alopecia December 29, 2016

Canarsie, Brooklyn
5 Amazing Benefits of Real Hair Wigs for Alopecia, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re like many of the beautiful and fashion forward women living with alopecia, you may not want to compromise your style with a less than perfect wig. Made from natural human tresses, real hair wigs are the solution that will change your opinion on wigs forever. All Authentic Girl, located in Brooklyn, NY, offers a broad a spectrum of real hair wigs in different styles, lengths, and colors.

The Canarsie neighborhood beauty store recommends real hair wigs for women with alopecia for all of the following reasons: 

Benefits Of Real Hair Wigs For Alopecia

1. Natural Appearance

The top reason women with alopecia choose real hair wigs is for their effortless movement and realistic appearance. Since these style choices consist of actual human hair, each strand swings, curls, and falls around the face like a natural head of hair.

2. Durable Quality brooklyn-real-hair-wigs

Real hair wigs last longer than synthetic varieties, making the extra money you’ll spend completely worth it. Synthetic options don’t handle the elements as well as organic materials, unlike those made by Remy, which will last twice as long. So although you’ll spend more upfront, your investments will hold out longer than it would if you purchased a synthetic wig, saving you money down the line.

3. Realistic Maintenance 

Women care for real hair wigs for just like natural hair. That means you can color them, straighten them, and even wash them with shampoo. While a windblown car ride or rainy day will require re-styling, it’s really no different than maintaining a real head of hair. 

4. Hot Tool Friendly 

If you love to blow-dry, curl, or straighten your wigs, a real hair variety is the way to go. Synthetic wigs lose their luster when you apply hot tools. If you’re looking to have more control over your style, real hair is your best bet. 

5. Custom Origins 

Real hair wigs are made from a variety of hair types, including Chinese, Indian, and European or Caucasian. So you don’t have to worry about your choice not fitting your personality or look. For a texture that is uniquely you, a human hair wig may be the perfect fit. 

For real hair wigs that make your personality shine and your style pop, call All Authentic Girl in Brooklyn, NY, at (718) 272-1120. To learn more about their variety of wigs, visit their website

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