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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Movers January 3, 2017

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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Movers, Branson, Missouri

You’ve checked almost everything off the list: you’ve sold the house, you’ve packed the boxes, and moving day is within reach. If you feel like you’re missing something before the movers arrive, there are a few things to do to make sure you’re ready. Taney County’s Affordable Moving Services has a few tips on how to prepare for a stress-free moving day: 

Ways To Prepare For The Movers 

1. Label Your Boxes 

Whether you’re packing your boxes yourself or having the movers help, organize your items by type and label boxes ahead of time with a large permanent marker. Clear markings will ensure that nothing ends up in the wrong box and that all of your items will arrive safely. 

2. Separate Valuables & Documents branson-movers

You can avoid extra headaches during the moving process by separating valuables and vital documents from your other household items, like furniture and clothing. Create a box or folder specifically for these things that you can hang onto yourself, so there’s no risk of them getting lost in the shuffle.  

3. Prep Children & Pets 

Once your movers provide you with an estimated arrival time, make sure you prepare your kids and pets beforehand. If necessary, ask a friend to watch the little ones while you move. The fewer people that are around, the quicker your movers will be able to get things done. 

4. Clean Up 

Packing up can kick up loads of dust, dirt, and water. Take care to clean up any spills or hazardous pathways before the movers arrive. This precaution will help to keep everyone involved on moving day safe.

5. Ask Questions 

If you have questions about your move, don’t hold back! Feel free to talk to your moving services company before the special day. They can consult on best practices for your situation, and ease your mind about any concerns you may have. 

Before you make your next big move, call the expert team of movers at Affordable Moving Services in Branson, MO, at (417) 337-5200. To view their full list of services, visit their website.

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