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Find The Best Standup Comedy at UCB Theatre This September! September 3, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Find The Best Standup Comedy at UCB Theatre This September!, Manhattan, New York

UCB Theatre is known for its comedy shows, including stand-up, sketch comedy, and improv comedy. This September, the comedy theatre will be presenting the best stand-up comedy in New York City. With various shows throughout the month, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, including Upright Citizens Brigade’s youngest performer, Ruby Karp, in her show, 'HelloGiggles NYC'.

Ruby has a list of comedy experiences longer than most people twice her age. She’s been performing at Upright Citizens Brigade since she was very young and has developed her act into a fun, entertaining show. She has also appeared in a variety of other comedy shows with other comedians at UCB, in addition to 'Human Giant' and 'Smart Girls at the Party'. Plus, she’s done a TEDx talk and hosted StuVoice. As a writer for 'HelloGiggles', 'Mashable', and the 'Mindhut', Ruby is as experienced as she is hilarious. You can say you saw her first at UCB Theatre, before she became a household name.

With affordable ticket prices and convenient locations, UCB Theatre is the perfect place to spend an evening. Get some friends together and spend the night laughing at the 'HelloGiggles' show, hosted by UCB’s youngest performer, Ruby Karp. Visit UCB Theatre online to check out the show schedule and to reserve tickets, and call (212) 366-9231 for more information.

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