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3 Top Uses for a Dolly Cart or High-Quality Hand Truck December 30, 2016

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Top Uses for a Dolly Cart or High-Quality Hand Truck , Manhattan, New York

No matter how strong you are, there will always be some situations in life where you need a little bit of help. For this reason, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling in Farmingdale, NY, specializes in industrial handling solutions, such as quality dolly carts and hand trucks, designed to make your job easier.

If you want to increase your daily efficiency while also ensuring your staff stays as safe as possible, here are some of the most common uses and benefits of hand trucks:

  • Moving: Whether you have several boxes or a truckload of things to move, utilizing a hand truck will help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Hand trucks are designed to pivot at precise angles, and they come in many different sizes, making it easy to find the right one to suit your moving project.
  • hand-truckTransporting Large Equipment: One of the leading benefits of using a hand truck or dolly is that it allows you to transport extremely heavy equipment or appliances that you wouldn’t be able to move otherwise. Even with several people, moving items such as refrigerators or washing machines can be incredibly difficult, especially maneuvering them up and down stairs or in small spaces. However, hand trucks are designed with maximum movability in mind and can easily navigate tight spots.
  • Safety: Quite often, a hand truck is the safest option for transporting objects, especially if you’re moving items on your own. Using a hand truck will not only allow you to move more weight at one time, but it will also ensure that such weight is evenly distributed when lifting. Additionally, if you’re moving in rough weather, such as rain, sleet, or snow, using a dolly or hand truck can minimize injuries.

To learn more about when you should use a hand truck, contact the professionals from Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling today at (631) 650-0500. You can also visit them online for a closer look at what they have to offer.

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