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How to Pick the Right Motor Oil for Your Next Oil Change January 3, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
How to Pick the Right Motor Oil for Your Next Oil Change, Kalispell, Montana

Your vehicle’s engine is made up of several moving parts that need lubrication to work properly. To ensure your car continues working correctly, regular oil changes are an important part of its maintenance. While most car owners understand the importance of oil and regular changes, they may not know what type of motor oil to use. Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair can help you choose the right oil for your needs. In addition to oil changes, this Kalispell, MT, shop offers a full range of auto repair and maintenance services, including tuneups, car diagnostics, tire alignment, engine replacement, and more. 

Here are some of their expert tips on how to choose the right motor oil for your vehicle:

  • Check The Owner’s Manual: It’s important to use the type of oil the manufacturer recommends for your engine, especially if it’s still under warranty. This detail is listed in the owner’s manual and includes information such as the right oil thickness.

  • Oil-ChangeFactor In The Climate: If you’re driving in warm weather, your vehicle needs thicker oil for better lubrication. Colder locations, on the other hand, need motor oils with lower viscosity to counter freezing. You may also choose multi-grade oils that cover a range of temperatures.

  • Read The Labels: Reputable oil brands have detailed labels on their containers. The presence of API symbols means the oil meets the current service rating and tests for performance.

  • Consider Your Vehicle’s Age: Cars that run on single-weight oils for many miles over several years usually have worn-out engine parts. Thicker lubrication is needed to fill wider spaces between them. In this case, it’s recommended to switch to heavier single-weight oils.

  • Incorporate Oil Additives: Motor oils may contain various additives such as antiwear agents, corrosion inhibitors, and seal conditioners. These substances improve and maintain lubrication by minimizing sludge and varnish.

Whether you need an oil change or a complete engine overhaul, trust the mechanics at Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair. To schedule an appointment, call (406) 755-0234. Visit the website for more information on all of their services.

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