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3 Leading Causes of Septic Failure & How to Prevent Them December 29, 2016

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3 Leading Causes of Septic Failure & How to Prevent Them, Carmel, New York

If you don’t live near a local sewer system, you likely need to use a septic tank to carry wastewater from your home. Great Bear Septic Service in Mahopac, NY, specializes in offering efficient and affordable septic solutions, and they’ve compiled some helpful septic maintenance tips for you.

If you want to avoid costly septic tank repairs, here are three of the leading causes of septic tank failure and how to avoid them, from the septic solutions professionals at Great Bear Septic Service:

  • Tree Roots: One of the main causes of septic tank clogs is when a septic tank falls victim to invasive tree root growth. While there are over-the-counter products you can purchase to flush your system and prevent further root growth, the best septic solution for this problem is proper landscaping. Never plant trees adjacent to the leech field of your septic tank; there should be only grass and shallow-rooted perennials growing there.
  • septic-tankFlushing Foreign Objects: Your septic tank is designed to transport wastewater from your property and filter out solid waste; however, it can only handle so much. To avoid clogs that can lead to sewage backup and septic tank failure, don’t flush diapers, paper products other than toilet paper, cat litter, or coffee grounds down the toilet. Dispose of any grease or cooking oil in the trash rather than the sink drain.
  • Parking On Top Of Tank: One of the quickest ways to cause a septic tank failure is to park your vehicle or another piece of heavy machinery on top of the area where your tank is located. Such weight can collapse pipes and damage your tank and leaching chambers, leading to expensive repairs; in some cases, your entire septic system may need to be excavated. To avoid this, the septic solutions professionals from Great Bear Septic Service recommend parking well away from your leech field.

To learn more about how to avoid septic failure, contact the professionals from Great Bear Septic Service today at (845) 621-0250. You can also visit them online for a closer look at the services they offer.

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