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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Doors December 29, 2016

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Doors, Scott, Missouri

Quality garage doors should last for decades, and you can increase the longevity of yours even further by performing regular preventative maintenance. An important part of preventative maintenance is identifying minor problems and addressing them before they become major issues. If you identify a problem and are in need of garage door repair, turn to Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service. Based in Branson, MO, they serve clients throughout South Central, as well as in North Arkansas.  

Below, these service experts outline five tips to help you keep your garage door in perfect condition.

Five Tips To Keep Your Garage Doors In Good Shape

1. Listen & Look

Listen for strange noises whenever you use your garage doors. Do they make the same noise every time? Or has something changed? If you listen to your garage doors regularly, you will be able to identify any strange sounds as soon as they start up. Once you begin hearing a grinding or scraping noise when they open or close, it’s time to call a professional.

garage doors2. Tighten All Bolts

Most families use their garage doors multiple times per day. That kind of continuous use can put a significant strain on the hardware. To avoid issues down the line, check and tighten all bolts and roller brackets with a socket wrench on a regular basis.

3. Inspect The Rollers

Your rollers are one of the most important parts of your garage door and what helps to keep it working efficiently. You should inspect your rollers at least once every six months. If you notice any chips or cracks, replace them immediately. Typically, both nylon and steel rollers will last for roughly seven years.

4. Lubricate The Springs

Keeping your springs well-lubricated is a vital part of maintaining your garage door’s well-being. You can add years to your doors by lubricating the chain and overhead springs once a year. Check with your garage door service expert to see which kind of lubrication is right for you. 

5. Check For Damaged Cables

After a while, continue use of your garage doors could cause your cables to wear down and become damaged. Keeping an eye on your garage doors regularly can help you spot the onset of any problems with your cables. You should visually inspect them for signs of damage once a week, especially near the roller bracket on the bottom. It’s important, however, that you leave any cable adjustments to a garage door service professional. 

Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, garage doors can still break down. If you need garage door repair in South Central, you can rely on Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service. Visit their website to learn more about regular garage door service, and call (417) 336-4381 to discuss your needs today.