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What Types of Home Inspection Services Are Available to Buyers? December 29, 2016

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What Types of Home Inspection Services Are Available to Buyers?, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Whether you’ve just bought a house or need a professional to keep an eye on an existing property, home inspection services are essential to your safety. Those new to the process might be surprised at the number of different inspections you can request—from extensive evaluations of the home itself to individual hazard testing.

If there’s a hazard in your home, S & K Home Inspections of Kittanning, PA, can find it. Here, their experts list four of the company’s most popular inspection services. 

Radon & Methane Gas

Radon and methane both pose severe, sometimes life-threatening health risks. Homes of all ages should be inspected for these dangerous gasses on a regular basis. If the experts from S & K Home Inspections discover the presence of either one, they will immediately recommend a removal process. 

Pests & Fungus

inspection servicesFungus poses many health risks—including allergic reactions and respiratory infections—and pests are never fun to deal with. Termite inspections are especially important, as these insects can wreak significant structural havoc on your home.

Water Testing

Whether you have traditional plumbing or a well system, water tests are imperative to your family’s safety. A qualified inspector will look for sanitation issues such as coliform bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and lead. Checking for all three will net you a discount at S & K Home Inspections, so it's worth checking off the full list in one convenient visit.

Exterior & Interior Components

In addition to smaller, individual tests, S & K Home Inspections excels at their comprehensive property inspection services, which cover both exterior and interior areas. Outdoor checkpoints include property grading, sidewalks, and roofing, while heating and cooling systems, windows, and walls are but a fraction of the indoor coverage. A full home inspection is the most thorough option, especially for a prospective home that must be deemed safe before you sign on the dotted line.

Beyond the broad categories, inspections can also be performed on an à la carte basis. These include individual tests for detached garages, crawl spaces, and outbuildings, as well as furnaces and electrical panels. For the most dependable results, turn to S & K Home Inspections if you reside near Armstrong County, Apollo, or Leechburg, PA. Find out more about their services online, or call (724) 545-3307 to set up an inspection today. 

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