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3 Reasons Why You May Need to Repair Your Garage Doors January 5, 2017

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3 Reasons Why You May Need to Repair Your Garage Doors, Scott, Missouri

Your garage doors are an important architectural and security feature for your home. When Branson, MO, homeowners need a reliable garage door repair expert, they count on the team at Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service.  These experienced garage door service technicians proudly serve South Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas, offering new installations and maintenance services that fit into your schedule and budget. If your garage doors suddenly stop working or are damaged after severe weather or an accident, emergency garage door service is only a phone call away.

Whether your project is DIY-friendly or requires professional service, the following problems are some of the most common reasons why homeowners need to repair their garage doors.

3 Reasons Why You May Need to Repair Your Garage Doors

1. Remote Control Opener Stops Working

garage doorIf your garage door opener no longer responds to your remote control, you may be experiencing one of two types of electrical issues. The first type is related to your wiring – if the wires are faulty or not connected properly, the opener can’t communicate with your garage door. The second issue has to do with the receiver, meaning your garage door opener isn’t communicating with your remote control. Fortunately, both types of electrical issues can be easily resolved and won’t require you to replace your entire garage door opener system.

2. The Door Shimmies When It Opens & Closes

If you’ve noticed that your garage door has a shimmy to it when it moves along the track, you may be experiencing a problem with the track itself or the torsion springs. Debris or dirt buildup in the track won’t prevent your garage door from opening and closing, but it can cause the shimmying. To resolve the issue, try cleaning and lubricating the track. If you find that the shimmying problem is related to your springs, call a professional who has the training and skills needed to work on this delicate equipment.

3. Garage Door Crashes When Closing

When your garage door malfunctions, it’s not just an inconvenience – it can become a safety issue. Broken garage door springs and safety cables can make doors difficult to operate properly, and can even cause doors to come crashing down. If your garage door repair project involves the springs and safety cables, you need to leave it to a professional. A problem like this poses too much potential for an injury, and a professional garage door service technician will know how to handle the task safely while also ensuring that your garage door is properly balanced.

If you think your garage door repair requires a professional touch, visit Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service online to learn more about their preferred brands and equipment options. Call (417) 336-4381 to schedule a consultation, and be sure to ask for your free estimate.

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