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​How to watch tennis smarter August 28, 2014

Tribeca, Manhattan
​How to watch tennis smarter, Manhattan, New York

The US Open is coming to town! Tennis fever is in the air! Tennis fanatics are bursting at the seams with excitement. Are you one of these tennis fanatics? Do you hope to get inspired by the Us Open? How about learning from the watching tennis? Don't simply park your butt on the sofa and lie there like a starfish in awe of the players. Don't be a delusional groupie sitting there blindly thinking you will eventually play like those on tv simply vis a vis the process of osmosis. Instead, aspire to become an observant couch potato.

Here are some aspects of the game that you can become more aware of as a result of watching the US Open. These aspects are easiest to watch as the camera focuses on these elements more so than others.

(1) Pre service rituals. Do they seem to bounce the ball. Lean back, look at the sky. What do they do to prepare for the serve. Does it seem to help them? How long do they usually spend before serving?

(2) Ball toss. How high so they toss the ball? Where do they toss the ball? To the left, the right or directly in front of them? What types of serves does this result in?

(3) service motion- How far back do they bring the racquet back? How is the racquet angled? What types of serves result from the varying motions?

(4) in between games ritual and in between points ritual. Do they simply sit on the chair . Do they put their face in a towel? Do they look at their racquets? Drink a lot of water? Which types of rituals seem most calming to you? Which of these rituals do you think could incorporate into your match regime? How do you think it would make a difference in regards to your mental state? How do the players act in between points? Does they smile? Throw the racquets? Skip?

(5) Serve return ; how does the returner position themselves when returning serve?Does the returner turn sideways . Does the returner cheat over to one side or another? Does the positioning seem advantageous to their.

(6) Leg movement. Always pay careful attention to this aspect of the game, especially on serve return and serve, how do the legs move. How do their feet move? Are there times when their feet are still?

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