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When to Remove Wisdom Teeth: Oral Surgery Experts Weigh In December 30, 2016

Eastchester, Bronx
When to Remove Wisdom Teeth: Oral Surgery Experts Weigh In, Bronx, New York

Wisdom teeth are a little different from all of your other teeth. Technically, they’re just molars, but unlike their neighbors, they tend to erupt from the gums when you’re in your late teens. At this point, they can come in crooked, pushing against your other teeth. That’s why it’s crucial to visit an oral surgery expert as a young adult. With a single appointment, they can determine whether or not your wisdom teeth are erupting as they should, or if you need a tooth extraction.

On your own, it can be impossible to know if your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Ideally, a dentist will determine the answer to this question before these unique teeth fully erupt from the gums. By examining an X-ray, a dental professional can decide if your wisdom teeth are coming in straight or crooked, as well as if they pose a threat to the surrounding teeth. If this is the case, they’ll recommend an oral surgery specialist perform a tooth extraction.

oral surgeryIf you haven’t been visiting your dental office as regularly as you should, you might spot symptoms before a professional notices a problem. Keep an eye on your teeth, and pay attention to any new molars that seem to be growing in against the surrounding teeth, pushing them out of alignment. This is not the type of problem you can or should ignore! If you don’t have wisdom teeth removed in time, they can damage your smile, cause gum inflammation, and increase the likelihood of cavities.

Luckily, with help from a respected oral surgery specialist, you won’t have to deal with such a problem. Visit your dentist’s office regularly, and if they decide your wisdom teeth need to be pulled, don’t procrastinate! Your overall oral health hinges on following their recommendations.


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