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Brake Replacement: How Often Do You Need It? December 29, 2016

Wilson, Teton
Brake Replacement: How Often Do You Need It?, Wilson, Wyoming

Brake replacement is one of a handful of vehicle services you don't want to skip. While it's one thing to plan on being diligent about maintenance, it's not always easy to determine how often you should have your brakes replaced. There are many factors at play when it comes to brakes that aren't operating in tip-top condition, so unless your brakes are already busted, you'll need to take everything into account to determine whether you need brake repair or replacement. 

How Often Is Brake Replacement Necessary?

Brakes should be replaced roughly every 50,000 miles, with some leaning closer to 25,000 and others lasting all the way to 70,000. Your car's manual will have more specific details on their lifespan, but you should also take the following into consideration. 

Contributing Factors

brake replacementOne of the key factors that affects your brakes is the very environment you drive through on a daily basis. If you're in the city, you're likely putting more wear and tear on your brakes thanks to the constant stop-and-go traffic. The same goes for mountainous areas, which will cause your brakes to wear down prematurely. You must also take your own habits into account. Are you the type to ride the brakes and stop abruptly, or do you tend to smoothly coast to most stops? 

Then there’s the material itself. If you're not familiar with the type of pads you have, for instance, it's worth looking into the next time you go in for a tuneup. Hard pads have lasting power, but they take a little longer to warm up for peak performance. Soft pads are ideal for low-speed urban areas, as too much heat will eventually cause them to melt. Other factors play into durability, as well, including the quality of the materials that make up the brake pads and rotors. 

Warning Signs

Even if you know the general lifespan of your brakes, there are a few early warning signs you should watch out for. If braking feels more jittery than usual, you might have warped rotors, which are best replaced at that point. A metallic scraping noise is a solid indicator the brake pads are almost out of grip, so that's another sign brake replacement is necessary. Even if you don't run into any of these warning signs, it's still worth having your brake pads inspected whenever you go in for an oil change or tire rotation. 

There's no such thing as being too cautious about the state of your brakes. Schedule regular inspections and respond quickly to any warning signs, and you won't have to worry about the serious ramifications of brake failure. 

For high-quality brake replacement and more, residents throughout the Wilson and Jackson Hole, WY, areas turn to Rabbit Row Repair. Their technicians always get the job done right the first time, so check out their website for information on their services, call them at (307) 773-4331 to make an appointment, or just swing by the shop.

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