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3 Essential Tips for Superior Patio Upkeep January 11, 2017

Winona, Winona
3 Essential Tips for Superior Patio Upkeep, Winona, Minnesota

You love the look of your new patio, but over time, exposure to the elements can leave it looking a little lackluster. It can even become faded, moldy, or begin to grow weeds — and that’s when it’s the perfect time to do some patio upkeep. Ideally, patio upkeep should be done every two to three years to keep it looking new. Greg’s Job Squad in Winona, MN, specializes in all kinds of landscaping services, including paver walks and patios. Keep your new patio looking great for years to come with these easy tips.

3 Tips For Better Patio Upkeep

1. Clean & Seal

To keep your brick or stone patio looking vibrant, you have to seal it to keep it from fading or becoming moldy. First, clean it with an acid-based masonry detergent to remove mold and other buildup — and make sure the solution is diluted. Let it dry, then apply two coats of sealant. You can choose from a “wet look” glossy formula or a “dry look” matte formula, just like paint. It all depends on your preference.

2. Redo The Joints

patioJoint sand can wash away over time, and joints may begin to sprout weeds — but this is an easy fix. First, remove any weeds from the joints. Then, powerwash them to remove any remaining joint sand. Older patios may have concrete or stone dust, but to keep it from straying too much, use a polymeric joint sand, as it acts as a glue. Sweep the joint sand into the joints with a broom, then dust away the excess. 

3. Landscape

Once your patio looks clean and new again, tend to the plants and flowers around it to complete the looks. Pull any weeds and plant new flowers, or add a fresh layer of mulch. You can do this yourself or have your landscapers do it for you.

Patio upkeep is easy! All it takes is a few steps every few years to make your outdoor living space beautiful and inviting. For landscaping, patios, and snow removal, call Greg’s Job Squad in Winona, MN, at (507) 459-4916. You can also find the team online and on Facebook.

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