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Ask a Plumber: 4 Ways to Prevent Pipes From Freezing December 29, 2016

Texarkana, Miller
Ask a Plumber: 4 Ways to Prevent Pipes From Freezing, Texarkana, Arkansas

Although you should always hire a professional plumber for maintenance and repairs, Service First Electrical & Plumbing encourages you to perform a few DIY steps that will prevent your pipes from freezing this winter. Their ingrained knowledge is drawn from nearly five decades of service, providing Texarkana, AK, and Texarkana, TX, with fast, affordable, and reliable plumbing solutions for both commercial and residential spaces.

Below, the area’s leading plumber shares four surefire ways to keep your pipes from freezing:

  • plumberLet The Faucets Drip: In the cold winter temperatures, pipes can easily freeze when water is stagnant. To avoid this, don’t shut off your faucets completely. Set your sinks to a slow drip to enable the constant flow of liquid, which will prevent your pipes from freezing and preserve the plumbing system as a whole.   
  • Keep The Thermostat At The Same Temperature: The air outside tends gets colder at night, giving your pipes plenty of time to freeze over or burst. Fortunately, you can forgo the need for costly repairs by keeping the thermostat at the same temperature throughout the day and night.
  • Leave Cabinet Doors Open: Cold outside air can freeze pipes located against exterior walls, such as the ones under your bathroom and kitchen sinks. To combat exposure to the cold air, keep the cabinet doors in your bathrooms and kitchens open. This will allow a clear path for the warm indoor air to reach your pipes and keep them from freezing.
  • Leave The Heat On When Traveling: If you’re planning a trip out of town, leave the heat on and set the temperature no lower than 55 degrees. Not only will you come back to a comfortable climate, but the warm air will have plenty of time to reach your pipes and keep them from freezing.

If your pipes do freeze this winter, Service First Electrical & Plumbing is standing by to help. To request a service quote in Texarkana, call (870) 775-1035 and discuss your needs with one of their friendly representatives. You can also like this trusted local plumber on Facebook for regular updates.