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Celebrate Autumn Splendor on September 23rd With a Vibrant Bouquet of Flowers From Flowerworks in Brooklyn September 11, 2014

September 23, 2014 12:15PM - December 21, 2014 12:15PM
Celebrate Autumn Splendor on September 23rd With a Vibrant Bouquet of Flowers From Flowerworks in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York

Fall is, without a doubt, the most vibrant season. Summer sadly comes to a close, but with it comes the most beautiful time of year, featuring Mother Nature’s brightest and boldest colors. This year, the season begins on September 23rd, and Flowerworks in Brooklyn is getting ready to celebrate the autumn splendor.

The changing leaves tend to be the first place the mind goes when thinking of fall colors, but flowers also feature a host of vibrant shades. In fact, fall showcases some of the brightest colors of the year for flowers. Orange, red, yellow, and purple flower hues will be easily found amongst gardens and throughout beautiful bouquets. Celebrate the season with flower delivery from Brooklyn’s favorite florist, Flowerworks.

Flowerworks specializes in beautiful fall bouquets. Brighten up your home when the sun starts going down earlier each day. Keep one on your desk at work to remind you of the brisk autumn air just outside of your window. Choose from over 50 arrangements, or work with a floral professional to create a custom order.

Fall blooms are perfect for every occasion—wedding flowers for autumn nuptials, birthday flowers for cool weather babies, a bouquet of flowers to say you’re sorry, or for no particular reason! Find a way to celebrate the season with dazzling arrangements no matter what the occasion.

Autumn Splendor begins September 23rd, 2014! Celebrate Mother Nature’s most colorful season with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Flowerworks. Check out the choices online at,  or call (718) 230-9393 to speak to one of our specialists and place your order today! 

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