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3 Amazing Benefits of Senior Home Care December 28, 2016

Harlem, Manhattan
3 Amazing Benefits of Senior Home Care, Manhattan, New York

As our loved ones age, it gets harder for them to move around, and even simple tasks become more of a chore. You can help them with what you can when you’re available, but they may still need some extra help. The senior home care professionals at Lott Community Home Health Care of New York, NY, are happy to provide that assistance. Their senior home care brings all the benefits of a retirement community right to your loved one’s doorstep.

If you’re wondering if senior home care is right for your friend or family member, take a look at the following three benefits:

  • senior home careFamiliarity: Keeping daily routines in familiar surroundings can do wonders for a person’s emotional health, while moving to a senior center can lead to discomfort or discontent. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed every night!
  • Personalized Care: Senior home care means your loved one receives individually catered care. They receive greater attention and can establish a closer bond with their caretaker than at a retirement home.
  • Close To Family: It’s much easier to pop in for a visit with your loved one when they stay at home. You don’t have to worry about visiting hours, and you have more privacy with your loved one during a visit.

If you’re still curious whether senior home care is the right option for your friend or family member, speak to the caregivers at Lott Community Home Health Care. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more about their home health care services, or call (212) 534-6464 to speak with a member of their team today.