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What Does the New Medical Assistant Program at Big Apple Training Offer? December 29, 2016

Wakefield, Bronx
What Does the New Medical Assistant Program at Big Apple Training Offer?, Bronx, New York

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant jobs are projected to increase by 23% from 2014 to 2024. It comes as no surprise, then, that more and more people are considering enrolling in a medical assistant program to take advantage of the growing opportunities.

If you’re planning to jump-start your career path as a medical assistant, choose Big Apple Training in White Plains, NY. They are offering a new medical assistant program that will help you become an effective member of the health care industry. Now is the perfect time to start your training!

Here’s what’s included in their medical assistant program:

  • Training For Clinical Work: Big Apple Training prepares their students to perform important clinical tasks as directed by a physician. This includes recording a patient’s medical history, preparing patients for examinations or diagnostic procedures, and measuring vital signs. The training also covers the preparation and administration of certain medications.

  • Training For Administrative Tasks: In addition to clinical duties, students in the Big Apple Training medical assistant program will be trained to perform a broad range of administrative tasks. They will learn how to manage appointment schedules, contact insurance companies, enter and update patient records, code patients’ medical information, and more.  

  • Phlebotomy medical-assistant-programClasses: Students will undergo phlebotomy classes so they can gain the technical skills needed to prepare a patient for a number of medical exams. Students will learn how to draw blood and obtain samples for testing. Classes will also cover basic laboratory tests, proper disposal of used supplies, and the sterilization of medical instruments.

  • EKG Classes: Students will learn the necessary skills to perform EKGs and perfect abilities in holter monitoring, lead placement and more.

  • Therapeutic Communication Skills: The clinical setting is a stressful environment for many patients. The program aims to prepare the students to be clear, concise, and therapeutic when it comes answering a patient’s queries. The training will develop and enhance students’ listening skills and teach them to become an effective liaison.

In addition to the medical assistant program, Big Apple Training also offers basic life support training, home health aide training, and more. To get started on your fantastic new career, contact them at (914) 437-7373, or visit their website to learn more.

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