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La Crosse’s Best Hotel Offers a Taste of Winter December 26, 2016

Holmen, La Crosse County
La Crosse’s Best Hotel Offers a Taste of Winter, Holmen, Wisconsin

As William Blake once wrote, “In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” At La Crosse, WI’s Prairie Inn & Suites, the beauty of winter is on display all year long thanks to the gorgeous décor and warm atmosphere. Considered by many to be among Wisconsin’s best hotels, this establishment provides 38 rooms featuring earthy designs and a range of amenities to make you feel at home. It also offers some of the best hotel rates in the area, which means you can enjoy a relaxing stay at a price you can afford.

Beautiful Look

When it comes to the exceptional look of this hotel, owners Rick and Peggy Johnson derived inspiration from the unique stylings of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition to structural features such as expansive rectangular windows and spacey overhanging eaves, the interior design focuses on the uniqueness of the landscape via photos of scenic prairie beauty. Thanks to these design choices, the Prairie Inn & Suites has earned the designation as one of the area’s best hotels.

Numerous Amenities

Best HotelIn addition to the stylistic beauty on display in each and every room, you can also look forward to numerous amenities during your stay. Free Wi-Fi ensures you can stay connected throughout your visit, while the climate-controlled rooms allow you to maintain a comfortable atmosphere no matter the weather outside. If you opt for a suite, you will also be privy to a relaxing whirlpool Jacuzzi™, which is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

Your Hotel Search Ends Here

Get a taste of the ephemeral beauty of fall all year long at the Prairie Inn & Suites. Like them on Facebook to stay abreast of current hotel deals and other information, or call (608) 781-4490 today to reserve a room at La Crosse’s best hotel.image

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