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3 Types of Cremation Services Available From Cincinnati Funeral Home December 29, 2016

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3 Types of Cremation Services Available From Cincinnati Funeral Home, Cheviot, Ohio

A growing number of people are choosing cremation over traditional burial when they lose a loved one or are making those decisions for themselves. It allows them to create a service that fits their personal and religious beliefs as well as their budget. If you're considering having the remains of a family member cremated, it's important to know what types of cremation services are available so you can give them a meaningful and dignified send-off.

Rebold Funeral Home & Crematory, in Cincinnati, OH, is here to help you find the service that best suits your preferences. Here's a brief overview of the types of cremation services they offer:

  • cremation-servicesTraditional Cremation: Most people think you can't have a funeral service once you opt for a cremation. With traditional cremation service, however, you have the option to hold a funeral ceremony, viewing, or a visitation before the cremation. This allows friends and relatives to pay their respects before the remains are brought to their final resting place. 

  • Immediate Cremation With Memorial Service: With this option, there is no funeral service prior to cremation. However, it allows you to arrange a memorial or visitation at a later date, which is ideal if you have friends and relatives traveling. At Rebold Funeral Home & Crematory, they provide all of the necessary equipment and services for the gathering and funeral service, including urns for the ashes, two hours of funeral rental, and a cremation box.

  • Direct Cremation With No Memorial Service: Direct cremation is the most cost-effective option, as the deceased person is cremated right away, eliminating the need for embalming the body, purchasing a casket, and holding a funeral. There are no viewings, visitations, or memorial ceremonies before the cremation. 

If you’ve lost a loved one or are planning your own funeral arrangements, contact Rebold Funeral Home & Crematory in Cincinnati. To learn more about their funeral and cremation services, call (513) 389-1800 or visit their website.