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A Guide to What You Shouldn’t Put in Your Storage Unit  December 28, 2016

A Guide to What You Shouldn’t Put in Your Storage Unit , Anchorage, Alaska

Learning what is acceptable to keep in your storage unit will not only protect your possessions but help you avoid any damage or liability. Any reputable storage company, such as International Self Storage, will inform you about what is permitted in their facilities. The Anchorage, AK, self-storage company has a wide variety of spaces for different needs, whether you need heated or mini storage.

As you assess what items you’ll be moving into your storage unit, avoid these three things:

  • Food: The central danger of keeping food at the facility is the possibility that its smell will draw in a host of troublesome critters and pests. Not only would an infestation lead to a series of health concerns, but the animals could even chew up some of your other possessions. 
  • storage unitFlammable Or Toxic Materials: Even though a storage unit is a neutral space sealed off from the outside world, it is still dangerous to have flammable materials inside. If a gas can gets knocked over or an aerosol container somehow damaged or opened, there is a potential for an explosion, fire, or contamination. 
  • Animals: It is illegal to warehouse any animals or pets in a storage unit. Such treatment represents cruel and unusual punishment for an animal because they would be confined by themselves without food for a long period of time. If you need someone to look after your pet, ask a friend or look into an animal daycare. 

When you need to clear up some space in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to International Self Storage. Speak with a friendly staff member by calling (907) 563-3287. For more information about the company, feel free to visit their website

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