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How to Plan a Digital Marketing Campaign Around Millennials December 21, 2016

Richmond Hill, Bryan
How to Plan a Digital Marketing Campaign Around Millennials, Richmond Hill, Georgia

One of the most crucial components of marketing is knowing how to reach your target audience. Although you may offer an excellent product or service, if your advertising is not focused on the customer, your business will lose out on clients and profits. Millennials are a notoriously difficult demographic to market to because although they are huge consumers, they tend to shy away from traditional means of advertising such as print or television campaigns, while embracing advertising on social media and other forms of digital advertising. If you are looking to launch a digital marketing campaign targeting a Millennial audience, B.L. Digital Enterprises can help. The Richmond Hill, GA-based company specializes in targeted advertising and online advertising. Read on to learn their digital marketing campaign tips for Millennial audiences.

  • Use Interactive Platforms: Millennials love social media because it allows them to have a voice. Include platforms such as Twitter or Instagram in your digital marketing strategy, but try not to keep them too focused on your brand. Instead, ask customers how they feel about certain products and services, and where your company can make improvements. Millennials will remain loyal to a brand they feel listens to their concerns.
  • Digital Marketing CampaignFocus on Experiences Over Products: Millennials differ from Baby Boomers in their values, spending habits, and large purchases. Many Millennials are waiting longer than older generations did to start families, buy houses, or even get their own cars. They also don’t prioritize material goods or luxury brands. They do, however, value products that help a cause, and are likelier to spend money on a vacation or experience than they would on new clothing or a fancy watch. Focusing on these qualities is likelier to reach this demographic than relying on flashy items, huge purchases, or celebrity endorsements.
  • Don’t Neglect Video: This is the generation that coined the term, “Viral Video,” so it would be a disservice to your company if your digital marketing campaign neglected video. Invest in original videos that have the potential to become shareable talk pieces to help gain exposure within this demographic.

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