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Stop by the Shrimp Truck for Delicious Plate Lunches December 23, 2016

North Shore, Waialua
Stop by the Shrimp Truck for Delicious Plate Lunches, Waialua, Hawaii

If you haven’t been to Tsue’s Farm in Haleiwa, HI, yet, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Not only do they rent kayaks and paddleboards to water sports enthusiasts, but they serve up some of the best seafood plate lunches on the North Shore. The next time you’re craving shrimp, Kalua pork, or teriyaki chicken, stop by their shrimp truck and restaurant for a meal that you’ll have to write home about.

All of the plate lunches at the Tsue’s Farm shrimp truck are served up with rice, sliced pineapple and tossed greens. Check out these choices for your main course:

  • shrimp truckShrimp: Available as spicy shrimp, coconut shrimp or garlic shrimp, Tsue’s Farm takes great pride in the freshness and quality of their shellfish. Each of these varieties is cooked up to perfection, then served as a plate lunch for locals and visitors alike on the North Shore.
  • Kalua Pork: This Hawaiian staple is famous at the Tsue’s Farm shrimp truck. Whenever you’ve got a hankering for slow-cooked, smoked pork shoulder, this restaurant knows how to fix it right.
  • Teriyaki Chicken: For a taste of Japan, try the teriyaki chicken. It’s sweet and tangy, just like you like it, and it pairs perfectly with the pineapple, rice, and fresh greens.

Tsue’s Farm invites you to try all of their plate lunches in the coming weeks to see what all the talk is about. Whether you choose the coconut, spicy, or garlic shrimp; kalua pork; or teriyaki chicken, you’ll be blown away by the recipe and taken aback by the scenery at their restaurant. To top off your meal, order some shaved ice, made in house, and then head out on the water to enjoy an afternoon of kayaking or paddleboarding. To find out more about their shrimp truck and family activities, call (808) 744-5428, or check out their reviews on Yelp.