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How to Handle Unhappy Surprises at the Hair Salon January 16, 2017

How to Handle Unhappy Surprises at the Hair Salon, Westminster, Colorado

When you visit your favorite hair salon excited about getting a brand-new look, it can be disappointing if you have to wait to see your stylist or if you don't receive the cut or style you were hoping for. Hairstylists strive to make you look and feel fantastic, but sometimes, you may not have the experience you were hoping for. The hairstylists at Fantastic Sams Cut & Color, based out of Denver, CO, discuss ways for clients to cope with minor setbacks.

When The Hairstyle Isn’t What You Wanted

Hair salonFantastic Sams Cut & Color strives to exceed the expectations of every customer, creating individualized haircuts and styles that complement your best features. Even though their stylists are specially trained in the latest techniques, you may receive a look different than what you had hoped for. In this situation, it's only natural to feel surprised. You might find that you actually like your cut or color if your hair is styled differently. If you make an appointment for a correction, the fix will generally take about 30 minutes. Most often, the adjustment involves adding texture to a haircut or toner to a color and will be free of charge.

When Your Appointment Runs Late

You probably accept the fact that a wait at your doctor's office is inevitable, but a long wait at your hair salon might be less predictable. Ideally, the salon should let you know before your appointment if your stylist is running late. Under these circumstances, most salons will give you the option to reschedule if the new time no longer fits into your schedule. If you have extra time before your appointment, this is an excellent opportunity to browse through the salon's magazines and find photos of hairstyles you want to try. It’s always a good idea to have a picture reference with you for your appointment at the hair salon.

Before every appointment, your Fantastic Sams Cut & Color stylist will evaluate your hair type and conduct a thorough consultation; if you’re not happy with the results at the end of your appointment, they’re happy to continue working until you’re fully satisfied. Visit the hair salon online to learn more about their locations across Denver. They always strive to give you the perfect hairstyle at an affordable price!

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