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Top 3 FAQs a Veterinarian Is Asked About Pets March 12, 2018

Elk Grove, Sacramento County
Top 3 FAQs a Veterinarian Is Asked About Pets, Elk Grove, California

Deciding to become a pet owner is incredibly exciting! Before you know it, you’ll be welcoming a four-legged friend into your home to become part of your family. That being said, it’s important for new pet owners to chat with a trusted veterinarian to ensure your new family member is well cared for. At Animal Care Center, based in Elk Grove, CA, they specialize in providing residents will full-service animal care. Pet owners often visit their animal hospital with crucial questions about their new critters.

Pet Owner FAQ

Does My Pet Need Shots?

When you adopt a puppy or kitten, one of your first tasks will be a visit to the veterinarian. Odds are, if you have a new animal, they may need basic vaccinations. If you adopt from a breeder or an animal rescue organization, your veterinarian will recommend you ask whether the animal has received its vaccinations already. If your pet has not had shots, your animal hospital will walk you through the necessary vaccines and booster shot schedule.

Is My Pet A Healthy Weight?

VeterinarianPet owners are often concerned with the weight of their animals. It’s natural to want your pet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visit your veterinarian in person so that they can gauge whether your pet is the right weight for its height and breed. 

What Food Should I Be Feeding My Pet?

Pet food is not created equal, and every pet has different nutritional needs. With the help of your veterinarian, you’ll be able to find an appropriate food for your pet’s age, size, breed, and lifestyle. 

If you’re based in the Elk Grove, CA area and searching for the region’s best animal hospital to tend to all of your animal care needs from routine vaccinations to emergency care, call Animal Care Center today at (916) 686-7393 to schedule an appointment for your pet. To find out more about this trusted veterinarian and how they can keep your pet healthy and happy, visit them online. 

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