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3 Benefits of Getting Regular Wheel Alignments December 26, 2016

Cabot, Lonoke
3 Benefits of Getting Regular Wheel Alignments, Cabot, Arkansas

When is the last time you got a wheel alignment? If the answer is longer than you’d like to admit, and you live near Cabot, AR, take your car to Tires N More! It’s an important chore, and the reasons why encompass more than allowing your tires to wear evenly. Because the benefits aren’t always immediately obvious, here are a few concrete reasons why everyone should get a wheel alignment at least once a year:

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency: When your wheels aren’t in alignment with each other, it forces your engine to work harder than usual for the same amount of work—in other words, it decreases fuel efficiency. If you want to get the best possible mileage, commit to regular auto maintenance, including yearly wheel alignments.

  • Less “Pulling” & Other Driving Problems: In a perfect world, cars would be perfectly balanced from day one and stay that way. But even if a car is manufactured perfectly, driving conditions and other factors cause small misalignments that gradually lead to bigger problems. For instance, misalignment can cause your car to pull to the side while you’re trying to drive straight, leading to problems in other systems.

  • alignmentLonger-Lasting Tires: When wheels come out of alignment, it puts extra pressure on one or two tires, causing the treads to wear down a lot faster than the rest. Ideally, your tires should wear evenly. Failure to receive regular wheel alignments will result in the need to replace your tires more often than you’d like.

Want to save money on tires and fuel and have a smoother driving experience? Get your wheels aligned! To schedule a wheel alignment at Tires N More, just call (501) 843-2488 to set up an appointment. For more information about the Cabot, AR-based tire dealer, visit them online.