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Men Ask: How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring? May 1, 2013

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Men Ask: How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring?, Manhattan, New York

The world stops when you’re with her, you happily plan for decades down the line, and you can’t picture your life without that special girl in your life – yup, it must be love.

After a few years together, you may be thinking about settling down and popping the question to your one and only. Knowing whether you want to marry someone may be a simple “yes” or “no” question, but it can be far more complicated than that when it comes to selecting the all-important engagement ring... especially if you’re keeping the proposal a big secret!

Men rack their heads in frustration trying to decide which route to take when picking an engagement ring. “What style of diamond should I choose? Gold or platinum? What size ring is she?!” are just a few of the more common worries most men face before the proposal. Allurez, one of the top jewelry stores online, helps men with their engagement ring woes.

Let's address some of the more obvious issues soon-to-propose-men face:

Diamond Rings : How to Choose a Size & Style

There’s no easy answer to this question, but it can help to check the style of ring your lady already wears. Additionally, take into consideration her lifestyle. Does she work with her hands often and live an athletic life, or is she an office worker? As impressive as it may be, a gigantic rock in a dramatic Marquis cut is not the best choice for someone who will be in the kitchen or crafting often. A smaller and sturdier diamond in a rounder shape may be the wiser choice in this case. If all else fails, referencing her mother is a classic solution to this puzzling conundrum. Just make sure she doesn’t spill the secret! Remember, if you can't choose between all of the diamond rings you come across, you can always design your own engagement ring.

Gold or Platinum:

Platinum is certainly the hardier choice, which is why such a large price tag is attached to this precious metal. However, yellow diamond rings are a perfectly good choice as well. Once again, base your decision on the jewelry your hopeful fiancée-to-be already wears. If she prefers to wear lovely white gold necklaces and bracelets, pick a band that matches her taste and existing jewelry collection.

Ring Size:

Determining the ring size is perhaps one of the trickiest ordeals for any man, as it’s a true challenge to find out her size without spoiling the surprise. Men have taken various routes to get around this issue. Some men who are proposing use a dummy ring during the proposal, explaining to their fiancée that they can shop for the real engagement ring together as a happily engaged couple. More traditional men want to give the real ring while popping the big question, though. Buying a larger ring and having it resized after the proposal is always an option, of course, and many jewelry stores like Allurez are happy to oblige.

Are you ready to find the perfect engagement ring for the most beautiful girl in your world? Visit Allurez and browse the vast selection of stylish designer diamond rings, eternity rings, diamond bands and other fine jewelry. 

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