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Top 6 Business Storage Tips December 26, 2016

Stevens Creek, Lancaster
Top 6 Business Storage Tips, Stevens Creek, Nebraska

According to East "O" Street Self Storage, Lincoln, NE’s self-storage experts, storage facilities aren’t just a practical, cost-effective solution for households. They’re also a great way to store inventory and supplies for your business. However, these pros know time is money. They say you should make an organizational plan to get you to whatever stock or supplies you need without having to rifle through a bunch of boxes.

Here are their top tips for using a storage unit for your business-related items:

  • Plan The Layout: Make sure items you’ll need in a pinch are accessible. This means stacking boxes high around the perimeter rather than in the middle of the storage unit, which will block access and use up more space. Also, make sure boxes containing similar items are grouped together.
  • self-storageUse Sticky Labels: Label the front of each box with a succinct category or the name of the specific product. When you stack, make sure all the labels are facing out. If relevant, be sure the label includes the number of items the box contains.
  • Use Pictures: By adding sticky labels to the front of each box showing the contents in a few words and a picture, you’ll be able to identify and access what you need a little bit faster.
  • Stack Up: Stack boxes as high as possible rather than spreading them out. This will let you fit far more into the storage unit by taking advantage of the height.
  • Keep A List: Keep a list of what’s inside your self-storage unit so you know exactly what you have in there at all times. This will help prevent items from being misplaced and take the guesswork out of remembering everything you’re keeping in storage.
  • Consider Climate Control: A climate-controlled storage unit will be required for certain items, such as computers or other electronics, that could be damaged by temperature extremes.

Whether you’re renovating, moving shop, or just need a place to store stock, Lincoln’s East "O" Street Self Storage is an affordable business storage solution. With storage units in a variety of sizes and high-tech, 24/7 security, they’re one of the area’s most trusted self-storage facilities. Visit their website or call (402) 489-0134 to find out which unit is the right fit for your needs.

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