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Find Pre-Set Diamond Engagement Rings She'll Say "Yes!" to at Allurez in NYC May 1, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Find Pre-Set Diamond Engagement Rings She'll Say "Yes!" to at Allurez in NYC, Manhattan, New York

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring in New York City is an overwhelming experience for most men. From product to price to size, they never know where to begin! At Allurez, NYC’s best online diamond retailer, the jewelry experts are always available to help you select an amazing ring. Instead of hand-crafting a piece yourself that she may not end up appreciating, purchase a high-end and pre-set ring from Allurez!

The best part about purchasing a pre-set engagement ring from Allurez? It takes the stress out of planning. You won’t need to spend hours agonizing over the perfect metal for the band, only to discover the store you’ve chosen will also require you to sift through one too many diamonds to complete the ring! At Allurez, gorgeous, sparkling, and complementary pre-set diamonds and bands come together. Simply choose the “right” one as is, and it can be yours (and hers) in no time at all. The selection is huge, and can accommodate every taste, size, shape, and budget. Find a band you love, and a beautifully cut diamond will arrive, pre-set, with it. It’s that easy!

Take the stress out of designing a ring! Purchase the perfect diamond engagement ring of her dreams from Allurez. To find out more about the top jewelry retailer in NYC, visit the store online. Speak with a customer service associate 24/7 by calling (800) 554-3509. For all of your anniversary, birthday, graduation, and Mother’s Day needs this season shop at Allurez! Be sure to keep an eye on the website for brand-new arrivals and upcoming spring promotions.

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