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5 Critical Brake Repair & Maintenance Tips December 26, 2016

North Madison, Lake
5 Critical Brake Repair & Maintenance Tips, North Madison, Ohio

Brakes are the most critical piece of safety equipment on any car, but most drivers tend to take them for granted. But for brakes to do their job, a number of mechanical interactions have to take place, so it’s worthwhile to check periodically to make sure all components are in proper condition. Madison Muffler and Auto in Lake County, Ohio, regularly performs brake repairs and a host of other auto repair jobs, from transmission maintenance to tire changes. Below, they explain five critical tips that can help you keep your car’s most important safety feature working properly.

5 Critical Brake Repair & Maintenance Tips

Mileage Is Only One Factor

Many drivers assume they only need to examine their brakes periodically, as with oil changes and other maintenance tasks. But while the average lifespan of brakes and rotors is around 50,000 miles, actual results vary. How and where you drive makes a big difference in the lifespan of your brakes and rotors—riding the brakes, stopping abruptly, or driving on city streets can all impact brake wear and tear.

Materials Make A Difference

While semi-metal brake pads offer better stopping power at a wider range of temperatures, ceramic pads provide quieter stops and a longer lifespan. When installing new pads, talk with your brake repair professional about what equipment will best suit your driving style and safety needs.

Clean Brake Fluid Is Essential

Brake-RepairBrake fluid translates the force of your foot on the pedal into stopping power on the wheels. Over time, moisture inevitably enters the fluid lines, and once the water content is too high, performance drops. Most experts recommend flushing and replacing your brake fluid every one to two years.

Rotors Suffer Wear

Just as brake pads suffer from wear, the rotors that make contact with them lose effectiveness over time. Rotors can wear or warp from friction and heat, leading to a pulse or wobble when stopping. A brake repair professional can help determine whether your rotors can be fixed by lathing or whether they need to be replaced.

Inspect Your Brake System Often

Frequently inspecting your brakes is the best way to avoid major problems. It’s a good idea to have your brakes and rotors looked at when you get a tire change or rotation and to check your brake fluid any time you’re inspecting oil or coolant.

As with most automotive issues, the best advice on brake repair comes from a trusted local auto repair shop. Madison Muffler and Auto has a professional team of ASE-certified technicians with over 50 years of experience. Visit them online to learn more about their auto repair services, or call (440) 428-2677 to schedule an appointment today.