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3 Reasons to Leave Wedding Dress Cleaning to the Professionals December 22, 2016

Cotswold, Charlotte
3 Reasons to Leave Wedding Dress Cleaning to the Professionals, Charlotte, North Carolina

Wedding dress cleaning is a delicate endeavor. As expensive as the dress itself may have been, it may be tempting to save money by trying to clean it at home. However, this can be risky and frustrating. Charlotte, NC’s Cunningham Cleaners has three good reasons to leave this job to the professionals.

3 Reasons To Leave Wedding Dress Cleaning To The Professionals

1. No Damage

Wedding dress cleaning requires specialized processes, solvents, and knowledge. With the delicate fabric, beading, lace, and other embellishments, it’s easy to make a mistake that can damage your dress if you’re not familiar with what you’re doing. Even if you avoid these pitfalls, you still may miss spots or not be able to get the dress completely white. A professional cleaner will have the know-how to clean your dress thoroughly and carefully so it looks as beautiful as it did on your wedding day.

2. Save Yourself Time & Stress

wedding dress cleaningIf you’re not familiar with the procedures needed to execute wedding dress cleaning quickly, safely, and successfully, trying to do it yourself will only cause frustration and possibly even heartache. When you take your dress to a professional cleaner, all you have to do is drop it off and pick it up, freeing you to do other things with your time. You’ll also have the confidence of knowing your dress is in skilled hands.

3. Preserve The Dress For Future Generations

Any garment ages over time, but there are ways to slow this process and keep an item of clothing in good condition. And with a keepsake like your wedding dress, you can’t afford not to. Proper dress preservation can keep your gown brilliant and in good shape for years to come, ensuring your daughter or even granddaughter can wear it on her big day if she chooses.

Don’t risk subjecting your precious wedding dress to anything but the best. You can learn more about Cunningham Cleaners’ wedding gown cleaning services on their website or call (704) 366-6565 for further assistance.