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3 Reasons Everyone Should Schedule a Dermatology Appointment Annually December 29, 2016

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Reasons Everyone Should Schedule a Dermatology Appointment Annually, Queens, New York

When it comes to health care, you might make an appointment to talk with your doctor about your weight or a nagging cough, but you might overlook the need for regular skin care screenings. However, your skin is like a window to your overall health, since many serious illnesses express symptoms through the skin.

That’s why Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center is such a helpful resource for the residents of Forest Hills, NY. In addition to offering affordable health care and providing patients with top-notch advice and medical treatment, this reputable clinic also offers specialty services including immunology, urology, allergy care, pain management services, and dermatology.

When it comes to your skin, here are three reasons everyone should schedule a dermatology appointment annually, and how it could benefit you in the long run.

Cancer Screenings

Because your skin is one of the only organs exposed to the outside world, it is much more susceptible to problems like cancer. Skin cancer is incredibly common, with more than one million new cases diagnosed every year. Fortunately, even the deadliest kinds of skin cancer are curable if they’re caught early enough, which is why regular appointments with your dermatologist are so crucial.

Wart, Mole, & Skin Tag Removal

dermatologyWarts, moles, and skin tags can be unsightly and uncomfortable, especially if skin growths are located on the hands or between the folds of the skin on your body. Fortunately, dermatologists can remove these growths with sterilized instruments in as little as a few minutes, helping you to feel more confident and comfortable. After these growths are removed, your dermatology doctor can also send them to pathology to make sure that the tissue is benign.

Preventive Care Discussions

Your dermatologist can also talk with you about preventive skin care, such as which sunscreens to use, how to avoid triggering certain rashes, and how to treat ongoing skin diseases.

Don’t leave your health to chance. Schedule a dermatology appointment today to talk with a specialist about your skin care needs. To contact Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, call (718) 275-8900 or visit them online. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.