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3 Reasons Why You Need Winter Pest Control December 21, 2016

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3 Reasons Why You Need Winter Pest Control, Perry, Georgia

Many homeowners are curious about why they should seek pest control services in the winter. After all, bugs and rodents go into hibernation or die once the cold weather sets in, right? Actually, they find hiding places during the winter and pose new challenges to homeowners. Bridges Termite & Pest Control, located in Perry, GA, has been the area’s premier exterminator since 1978 and serving not only Perry but also Warner Robins, Centerville, Hawkinsville, and other surrounding towns. Whether you’re dealing with termites or experiencing an issue with mice or rats, these professionals have the experience to get the job done right.

Here, they provide three reasons why you need winter pest control:

  • Pests In The Walls: Some of the most irritating pests can survive within your walls, which makes them difficult to eliminate, even in the coldest of temperatures. This includes destructive insects like termites and cockroaches. To avoid experiencing an infestation and having to pay to repair the damage such insects will cause, call a pest control company for a thorough inspection to eliminate these hidden pests.
  • pest controlRodents: During the winter, you’re more likely to discover rodents have taken refuge in your house to avoid the cold and find food. They can sneak into your home through surprisingly small cracks and openings and can cause massive destruction and spread disease once they’re inside. As such, it’s important to make sure they haven’t decided to make your house their home.
  • Accumulating Eggs: If they’re not removed, spider webs and leftover eggs can build up quickly, resulting in a major infestation come springtime. A simple pest control inspection will find and eliminate these webs and eggs so pests can’t breed and cause a problem once the weather warms up. 

Want to schedule your winter pest control inspection? Perry’s premier exterminator is ready to help you tackle those termites, remove any rodents, and ensure your home stays pest free all year long. Visit Bridges Termite & Pest Control online to learn more, stay updated by “liking” their Facebook page, or call (478) 987-1955 to schedule an inspection today.

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