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Why Knowing Your Family History Will Result in Better Home Health Care December 21, 2016

Garment District, Manhattan
Why Knowing Your Family History Will Result in Better Home Health Care, Manhattan, New York

It’s common knowledge certain health conditions are hereditary in nature and can be passed down through a family’s genes. However, fewer people are aware of how valuable learning about their family’s health history really is. When you know which conditions you may be at risk of developing, you’ll have a better relationship with your medical provider, will enhance the quality of the home health care you receive, and will live a healthier life. ACCESS Nursing Services offers quality, comprehensive senior home care services, including private nursing and live-in care.

home health careLearning about your family’s health history can help you prevent a variety of hereditary and often serious health conditions, from diabetes to breast cancer. To build your medical history, examine the health patterns of close relatives and look into being tested for the presence of certain genes.

Once you know which health conditions you’re more susceptible to developing, you’ll be able to build a personalized care plan for yourself. For instance, if you learn you have the gene for breast cancer, you can speak with your health care provider and decide whether you should begin having mammograms earlier than the recommended age. You can also adjust your lifestyle and habits in accordance with your findings to keep yourself healthy.

Having information about their family’s medical history is important for everyone, whether you’re receiving home health care or feel completely healthy. By learning which conditions you may be susceptible to developing, you’ll lessen your level of risk. 

If you need help collecting information about your family’s health history or require home health care services, ACCESS Nursing Services is ready to help you. They offer dependable, affordable, and convenient nursing services if you require continued care and assistance outside of a traditional medical facility. To learn more about their services or to speak with a staff member, call them today at (914) 752-2090. 

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