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Is It Time for Your Loved One to Transition to Assisted Living? December 21, 2016

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Is It Time for Your Loved One to Transition to Assisted Living?  , Freedom, Wisconsin

Sometimes, the decision to move your loved one to an assisted living facility is a clear-cut choice; other times, it demands more careful consideration. Today, the compassionate professionals from Country Villa Assisted Living in Freedom and Pulaski, WI, answer a few frequently asked questions regarding this important decision.

4 FAQs About Transitioning To Assisted Living

1. At What Age Should My Loved One Transition To Assisted Living?

Everyone is unique, so whether your loved one is 55 or 85, there is no set-in-stone age for assisted living. Instead, as your beloved senior starts getting older, it’s best to just look for signs they need support and to find a way to start a conversation if you realize they require help.

2. My Loved One Is Lonely. Is It Time For Assisted Living?

Whether your loved one’s spouse has passed away or their children have moved out of town, everyone is susceptible to loneliness, especially in the later stages of life. If your beloved elder appears to be retreating from social interactions or seems depressed, moving them to an assisted living community may lend the sense of community and belonging they need.

3. My Loved One Is Neglecting Personal Hygiene & Household Chores. Is Assisted Living The Answer?

assisted livingFrom taking out the trash to cooking dinner and taking care of personal hygiene, day-to-day chores can quickly become burdensome for a senior. If your loved one appears to be struggling with managing their daily life, an assisted living community may provide them with the relief they need. With chefs, cleaning services, and other support staff, senior living helps residents lead a high-quality life.

4. What Is The Most Important Factor In The Decision To Transition To Assisted Living?

Whether your loved one has suffered a fall or a near miss, any injuries, near-injuries, accidents, or other health or medical hazards are clear signs additional assistance is necessary. When their safety is on the line, seek help as soon as possible. Assisted living communities are designed with the health and well-being of their elderly residents in mind.  

To learn more about how assisted living and senior care services will help your loved one, call Country Villa Assisted Living today at (920) 422-4620. A caring representative will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. For additional information, visit the community’s website

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