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The Top 7 Things to do in Kerala With The Great Indian Adventure's Custom Trips November 8, 2013

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The Top 7 Things to do in Kerala With The Great Indian Adventure's Custom Trips, Manhattan, New York

When most people imagine India, they think of the bustling cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. However India has a beautiful and lush countryside full of authentic culture and flavor. Kerala is a southern state on the West coast of India and is one of the premiere tourist destinations in Asia. With some of the most incredibly authentic dishes, stunning natural beauty featuring both beach fronts and sensational cliffs, all within a relaxing atmosphere, Kerala is India’s most captivating tourist destination.

The Great Indian Adventure provides family friendly travel trip throughout India. Choose from tailored travel trips to North India, Rajasthan, as well as Kerala. Kerala features a number of relaxing excursions. Here are a few travel options designed specifically to take in the natural beauty of the countryside:

  • Cruise the Backwaters of Kerala: The backwaters of Kerala are traditionally used by locals for transport, fishing, and agriculture. Additionally, annual snake boat races provide a thrilling sight for both tourists and residents. Riverbanks are full of lush palms, diverse wildlife, and villages that line the backwaters.
  • Rent a House Boat: One of the most tranquil and relaxing events you can do in Kerala is a houseboat (called a kettuvallam) to explore the backwaters in comfort and style. Hired staff will serve fresh cuisine while you sail down the tranquil rivers.
  • Relax With a Massage: Ayurveda is a therapeutic and medicinal yoga. It is considered India’s traditional natural healing system, which has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Due to Kerala’s climate there is an abundant supply of medicinal plants and herbs, Ayurveda is practiced frequently and is very popular.
  • Tour the Cardamom Trail: Hiking from Munnar to Periya guests tour through spice plantations and camp in tents under the stars. Starting in Munnar, you’ll take winding paths through the tea gardens, through the Lockhart Gap which overlooks the spectacular Bison Valley. The route takes you through thick forests, cardamom estates, and spice gardens all of which have made these cardamom hills famous. 

  • Check Out the Umbrellas: Kerala's Panayola Kuda (palm leaf umbrella) are known to last for decades, braving torrential rains storms and winds. Known to serve upper class families, today it is hard to find these traditional umbrellas except when the ornamental versions are used during temple festivals. Take a umbrella making class or tour the decorated temples to see these master craftsman.
  • Soak up Street Art: With sea serpents, boats, faces, blue birds decorating the streets you won’t need to go to a museum or gallery to see art in Kochi. Kochi Carnival Office walls, one of the oldest buildings in Kochi, and is decorated with a number of works from international artists.
  • The Dolmens of Marayoor: Take a trip back in time with the dolmens prehistoric structures believed to be ancient burial tombs of Marayoor. Characterized by four stones and a fifth cap stone on the top, these structures are found throughout the world. In Marayoor, near Munnar, dolmens are strewn all across the rolling hills. It is also the only place in Kerala that has a natural growth of sandalwood trees and is famous for pre-historic rock paintings depicting the Pandavas.

With a number of package options and guides, The Great Indian Adventure makes traveling throughout Kerala and the country of India a splendid, awe-inspiring journey. With attentive correspondence and friendly service, The Great Indian Adventure provides you with a vacation you will never forget. 

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