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3 Test Prep Tips for High School Math December 8, 2016

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
3 Test Prep Tips for High School Math, Cambrian Park, California

Many students are subject to test-taking anxiety, but few experiences in high school incite as much stress as a math test. This stress can even cause students with a strong grasp of the material to forget steps, make simple mistakes, and guess at problems they could easily solve at home. If your student is having difficulty with math tests, our experts at Study Wizards Tutoring in San Jose, CA, have some test prep tips to help them succeed.

Before their next test, we recommend following these simple test prep tips.

Do The Homework

Even if your student understands the material, doing the homework will give them a sense of mastery that will carry through to the stressful experience of taking a test. Asking your child to explain problems to you can also inspire a sense of confidence that will ease a great deal of anxiety.

Simulate The Testing Environment

In addition to practicing the material itself, you should also have your student practice taking a test. Have them complete a few unassigned problems in a specified period of time. This test prep will help them get used to the pressure of time constraints while teaching them the management skills they need to maximize their efforts.

Hire A Math Tutor

Math skills build on top of one another, so any weakness in one area can make advancement even more difficult. A math tutor will be able to identify the topics your student needs to work on and know how to guide them to where they need to be.

At Study Wizards Tutoring, our tutors have the test prep experience to help your children get ready for anything, from mid-term high school exams to the SAT or ACT test. Visit our website to learn more about our highly effective services, or call (408) 713-2984 for a free consultation to discuss your student's needs today. You can also connect with our team on Facebook and Twitter.

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