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Vision Therapy: Can It Help You? December 21, 2016

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Vision Therapy: Can It Help You?, Fairfield, Ohio

For many people, vision problems can quickly start to affect their everyday lives. If you’re like the many others who struggle with issues like blurry vision, eye strain or other impairments, vision therapy could provide some relief. As a leading Fairfield, OH, vision center, the staff at Staarmann Family Vision Center can provide high quality vision therapy to clients of all ages. 

So what exactly is vision therapy?
Vision therapy, also known as orthoptics, is non-surgical, non-invasive therapy techniques that aim to strengthen the eyes and “teach” them how to see better. These improvements can be made by not only improving the eye muscles themselves, but also the entire visual system, visual perception, and reflexive habits that can affect eyesight. 

As every person’s case is unique, vision therapy programs are catered to each individual and designed and supervised by an optometrist. At Staarmann Family Vision Center, one of their many highly-experienced eye doctors can work with you to evaluate your eye health and develop a program to help with your specific vision needs. 

Vision TherapyWhat is a vision therapy program?
Vision therapy programs typically include a variety of components that can include, but are not limited to corrective lenses, eye patches, computer programs, targeted eye exercises, optical filters and more. In most cases, clients undergo therapy once or twice a week, typically in an eye doctor’s office, under the supervision and direction of an optometrist. 

What are the benefits of vision therapy?
Unlike surgeries, glasses, or contacts alone, vision therapy is non-invasive, non-surgical, and can have lasting, positive effects. For people with a “lazy eye,” or even subtle eye misalignment, certain visual therapy programs have been found to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. Other therapy programs can help clients improve the accuracy of eye movements and focus, sports vision skills, and more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about vision therapy and talking to an eye doctor about your options, get in touch with Staarmann Family Vision Center today. Call 513-874-1718 to schedule an appointment or visit their website to learn more about all the comprehensive family eye care services they can provide. 

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