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3 Ways to Help Relieve Constipation December 21, 2016

Morristown, Morris County
3 Ways to Help Relieve Constipation, Morristown, New Jersey

There are few things more frustrating than constipation. The gastrointestinal discomfort can be unbearable, making meals unenjoyable and daily responsibilities difficult to manage. However, Morristown, NJ, locals living with this medical issue have many options for finding relief.

Here are three tips that come highly recommended by the experts at Living Waters Wellness Center:

1. Eat The Right Foods

Getting enough fiber is crucial to keeping your digestive system running smoothly. Put plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on your plate, and make a habit of staying hydrated. You can also try home remedies to increase regularity, such as a spoonful of olive or flaxseed oil, or an extra cup of coffee.

2. Get Some Exercise

ConstipationWhile you may feel sluggish and uncomfortable, exercise reminds your digestive system to get moving along with the rest of your body. A workout that targets your abdominal muscles can be especially effective in getting your colon to cooperate, but even a simple walk can work wonders.

3. Try Colon Hydrotherapy

Some people are confused or put off by the thought of colonics, but they have proven to be a safe, quick, and gentle way to relieve constipation. When you go in for colon cleansing, you’ll lie back in a private area and use a sterile, disposable nozzle to administer a steady flow of warm water. This will flush out your digestive system and allow waste to leave the body, easing your discomfort and pain. Many colonic irrigation machines will even allow you to control the flow of water, so you can remain comfortable and confident, progressing at your own pace.

Living Waters Wellness Center helps clients throughout Northern New Jersey and the New York City area to move past constipation and regain their digestive health. Learn more about the Angel of Water, the gentle colon hydrotherapy system used at Living Waters, on their website. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (973) 998-6550. 

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