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7 Benefits of Playing Sports for a Catholic High School December 14, 2016

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7 Benefits of Playing Sports for a Catholic High School, St. Louis, Missouri

Playing sports for a Catholic high school has many benefits, including enhanced overall health and even improved grades. At Trinity Catholic High School, located in St. Louis, MO, the staff is dedicated to promoting the growth and betterment of students through a wide variety of academic and sports-related programs. 

By participating in one or more of the Catholic high school’s 13 athletic programs, students reap many benefits, including:

  • Teamwork: Working together towards a common goal develops a sense of teamwork in young people that extends beyond the walls of high school. Student athletes also tend to bond with teammates through social relationships outside their chosen sport.
  • Community: Kids who play sports are typically more involved in their community during their Catholic school years and well into adulthood. They also represent their community by being part of the home team.
  • Sportsmanship: Sports teach young people what it means to be a gracious winner, as well as how to handle losses well. These skills will help them in the adult world, where they’ll meet with both success and defeat throughout their lives. 
  • Catholic high schoolConfidence: Sports participation is directly tied to increased confidence and self-esteem among players, who learn that through hard work and practice, they can improve their skills and achieve their goals. These lessons will help them become independent adults who can accomplish objectives in the workplace and at home.
  • Fitness: Student athletes benefit from the fitness gains of playing sports, becoming healthier and stronger when they replace sedentary activities, like watching TV or playing video games, with practices and games.
  • Academic Performance: Student athletes have a great deal to juggle between homework, studying, practices, and games, but studies show they typically have better grades and attendance records compared to kids who don’t participate in sports.
  • Leadership: Senior athletes in high school become mentors for younger players coming up the ranks, providing them with advice, encouragement, and support. This, in turn, gives younger students a positive role model and helps them learn to make good choices.

Students who participate in sports in Catholic high schools are not only learning the skills of the game, they are also learning life lessons and becoming well-rounded young adults. At Trinity Catholic High School, parents and students will find a team of teachers, coaches, and mentors ready to help teens achieve their potential. For more information about their athletic and other programs, call them at (314) 741-1333 or visit them online.

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