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Mount Pleasant, SC's Experts on How the Exit Reality Formula Is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry December 22, 2016

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Mount Pleasant, SC's Experts on How the Exit Reality Formula Is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Becoming a successful real estate broker is not only a combination of education and licensing, but also involves networking and establishing your name in the industry. EXIT Realty of the Carolinas, a franchise serving the Mount Pleasant, SC, area, attributes their growth and success to the innovative EXIT Realty Formula, which is revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Since real estate is an entrepreneurial career, real estate brokers and agents typically work for themselves. However, this often also means no benefits, few vacations, and an unstable income. The EXIT franchise has developed their own concept to change this industry downside. To help their real estate brokers and agents succeed, the EXIT franchise offers them the opportunity to receive multiple streams of income. So apart from sales commissions, every employee receives a residual salary.

real estate brokerWhen a real estate agent is recruited to work for EXIT, the sponsoring employee receives a percentage of each sale made by that agent. The bonus is paid by the EXIT head office, rather than being deducted from the new agent’s commissions. This residual income continues for as long as the agent stays with EXIT.

If you decide to take a vacation or retire from real estate, the sponsoring bonuses will change to a retirement residual, so you will still receive a percentage of the sale for as long as your sponsored real estate agents are still with the company. And if something should happen to you, the bonuses will convert to beneficiary residual income so your family will still be provided for.  

If you’re a real estate broker or agent and want to take your career to the next level, EXIT Realty of the Carolinas is here to provide you with the opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Visit their website to learn more about their structure and unique approach to the industry, or give them a call at (843) 343- 3947 to speak with a professional about real estate franchise opportunities today.

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