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3 Things Your Child’s Preschool Teacher Wants You to Know December 14, 2016

Plainville, Hartford County
3 Things Your Child’s Preschool Teacher Wants You to Know, Plainville, Connecticut

Preschool is a formative time—not only for children, but for parents, too! Enrolling your little one can feel a lot like starting school again yourself, especially if it’s your first child. In the spirit of learning, preschool teachers offer words of wisdom for young students and parents alike.

Plainville Early Learning Center can certainly teach a thing or two. This early learning center was formed by the Plainville, CT, community in 1970–almost 50 years ago–and is still supervised by town residents and parents who hold monthly meetings as the board of directors. The preschool program keeps classes small, organizes field trips, and serves a hot breakfast and lunch every day. Here, the skilled, compassionate teachers of Plainville Early Learning Center have a few things to say to their students’ parents.

What You Should Know About Preschool 

1. Preschool Instills A Love Of Learning

preschoolPreschool is not just a time to begin learning—it’s a time to begin learning about learning. As the first level of schooling, preschool lays a foundation for many years of future education. Developing a love for learning should not only happen in school, but it should also be reinforced at home through reading, exploring, and asking questions.

2. Preschool Reveals How Your Child Learns

All children learn differently, and preschool is a prime time to discover how your child learns, so as to better teach them. Respecting the way your child learns while working to strengthen, deepen, and broaden those processes is essential to their early development.

3. Preschool Enables Diverse Interaction

Children should have the opportunity to discover and appreciate a variety of cultural, social, educational, and physical interactions in preschool. This exposure is an integral part of early child development. Students at Plainville Early Learning Center will work and play with students of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of development.

The commitment to community and diversity at Plainville Early Learning Center is evident in their sliding-scale tuition system. The early learning center considers family size and income and admits children from a variety of lifestyles and circumstances. The sliding scale is financed by the state, town, and the United Way of West Central Connecticut, as well as by grants, foundations, individuals, and businesses.

Plainville Early Learning Center is licensed by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health and accredited by NAEYC. To contact the preschool, visit them online, reach them by email, or call 860-747-3321 today.

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